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Wisconsin Listing Contracts provides licensees mandatory instruction on protected buyers, exclusions and extension of the listing contract. Explore marketing topics such as open houses, advertising and seller cooperation with marketing efforts. Review agency in various contexts and consider how those relationships dictate responsibilities in a transaction.

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Wisconsin Offers to Purchase provides licensees mandatory instruction in the financing commitment and appraisal contingencies. Navigate through situations involving multiple buyers and analyze the situation when working with a buyer or seller. Review the most common drafting mistakes and learn how to avoid them when drafting contracts.

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Wisconsin New Development provides licensees mandatory instruction on technology tools for your Wisconsin transactions. Come see what is new in the Wisconsin statutes and administrative code. Take a deep dive into Wisconsin case law and see its effect on real estate related law.

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WI Risk Reduction Through Professionalism provides licensees mandatory instruction on fair housing. Explore your disclosure obligations to avoid liability related to disclosure. Consider minimum competent practice requirements and to be better than just competent. This course will satisfy the National Association of REALTORS® code of ethics requirements.

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Wisconsin Real Estate Law and Practice provides instruction on financing sources including seller financing and when it may be permitted or prohibited. Review the mandatory seller disclosure obligations including when a seller could be liable for misrepresentation to a buyer. Consider how to best prepare a seller when listing a condominium and helping the seller prepare for an offer to purchase.

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Wisconsin Real Estate Transactions provides instruction on options and rights of first refusal and how these are used in a transaction. Review buyer agency and how it can be used to serve a buyer-client's needs in a transaction., Consider various environmental matters and how they might affect your transaction.

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