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Provides licensees mandatory instruction on seller disclosure obligations and defects. This course takes a deep dive into advertising rules and reviews advertising mistakes that led to discipline from the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services. Course 1 also revisits one of the biggest problem areas in a transaction: distinguishing between real and personal property and what is or is not included in a sale. You will take away instantly applicable pointers to help your sellers avoid disputes with buyers about real and personal property.

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Provides licensees mandatory instruction on inspections and testing. This course distinguishes between the use of an amendment and a notice. You will learn when each form should be used in relation to the Inspection Contingency. Course 2 walks through the intricacies of the Financing and Appraisal contingencies and explores how they work together and how they stand alone. Finally, this course reviews the Closing of Buyer’s Property Contingency, the bump clause, and how to avoid common mistakes when using that contingency.

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Provides licensees mandatory instruction on the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services complaint and discipline process. Analyzes new statutes and administrative code provisions that affect your transactions and looks at the history that led to those changes. Reviews Wisconsin case law, including a case that affects when a firm earns a commission.

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Provides licensees mandatory instruction on misrepresentation and concealment. Explores how to negotiate professionally and build better relationships with fellow agents. You’ll explore your toolbox of options for working with other agents professionally to advance the interest of your clients. You’ll also learn what is new in the ever-evolving world of fair housing and how best practices can help you avoid a fair housing complaint. This course will satisfy the National Association of REALTORS® code of ethics requirements.

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Explores three distinct topics — how to avoid getting sued, waterfront properties, and unexpected disruptions to a business — in one course to keep discussions interesting. First, learn best practices to avoid complaints and litigation. Next, explore Wisconsin’s 15,000 lakes, 12,600 rivers and streams, and 84,000 miles of terrain and learn how regulation of waterfront properties affects your transactions. Finally, this course discusses business interruptions caused by a flood, fire or a medical event. Learn how to protect your business from the unexpected and plan ahead for disruptions to your business.

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Offers diverse topics to break away from regular continuing education content. Curious about tips and pointers for vacant land transactions? This course offers an hour-long discussion of the highlights of a vacant land transaction. Wondering about the most common mistakes with a condominium offer? Learn what not to do in a condominium transaction. Have questions about agency and multiple representation you have always wanted answered? Review multiple representation as well as the do’s and don’ts of representing multiple parties in a transaction.

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