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Introduces basic concepts and general principles of accounting to non-accounting students. Topics include financial statements, merchandising accounting for cash, inventory, payroll, budgeting and accounting software.

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Focuses on the development of fundamental office skills. Students will gain skill in general office duties, application of office technologies, and professional communication.

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Evaluating and modeling potential new business ventures is the focus of this course. Students will explore and map how a business intends to make money through the four main areas of a business: customers, offer, infrastructure, and financial viability. Through a hands-on, experiential approach students gain a better understanding of how to transform a start-up into a repeatable and scalable business venture.

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Provides a foundational understanding of business analysis and the underlying competencies of a business analyst.

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Provides students with information and tools to prepare for a Business Internship. Students will demonstrate professionalism and develop professional employment documents, business communications, and interview strategies.

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Introduces legal principles and standard business law concepts and their implications for business. It emphasizes contracts, sales, commercial paper, bailment, agency and real property, with references to the Uniform Commercial Code and recent consumer legislation.

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Develops skills to prepare, support, and facilitate effective business presentations. Students develop skills to present themselves and design powerful in-person and virtual presentations.

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Focuses on the networking process, tools to facilitate and enhance networking opportunities, and networking communication development.

2 Campus Locations  |  Available Online

Provides an overview of the variety of activities in the world of business. It focuses on the responsibilities connected with operating a business from both organizational and managerial viewpoints. It also examines the role of government in business.

3 Campus Locations  |  Available Online

Prepares students to set up the trial balance, compute and record all end-of-period adjustments and present the adjusted trial balance. Students will have everything needed for the financial statements and tax return. Students learn to do the monthly bank reconciliation and move on to uncovering and correcting errors in the trial balance and in the accruals and deferrals.

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