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Reviews the practices needed to conduct an effective and thorough accident investigation and prepare a comprehensive accident report. The student will learn to interview witnesses, prepare a site drawing, and gather appropriate visual evidence. In a simulated scenario, the student will prepare a comprehensive report on the incident.

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Focuses on the interpretation of machine drawings. Students study isometric and orthographic views on drawing and develop simple working drawings. Topics include dimensions, internal and external threads, holes, bores, fillets, radii, surfaces, planes, metric and geometric dimensioning and tolerancing.

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Teaches students to estimate the cost of machined parts to the manufacturer, job types, employability, management styles, and job routing.

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Examines data manual usage. This course introduces programmable logic devices and Karnaugh mapping. It also covers encoders, decoders, multiplexers, binary adders and parity circuits. Laboratory activities are performed to verify the theory.

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Incorporates having the student work on a special project in an engineering office at a local employer. The position will provide support to the project and provide a final report on the project status or completion.

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Incorporates having the student work a typical 40-hour work week as support in an engineering office at a local employer. The position will provide support in engineering-related areas of study. The student will be evaluated by the employer who will provide the final grade.

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Provides an overview of regulatory agencies at the local, state and federal levels that apply in an industrial setting. Coursework includes interpreting and applying laws, regulations, inspection programs and potential fines. It also addresses the development of resources to aid in regulatory compliance.

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Provides the student with an understanding of human engineering. The course will cover the methods to control repetitive motion injuries, office design, and the concept of ease and efficiency for industrial workers. Workstation design in the office and assembly line operations are a part of the class.

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Discusses common methods of fall protection in the construction industry. Fixed fall protection systems, personal fall arrest systems, and drop prevention will be emphasized. Upon completion, students will meet the OSHA training requirements to be a Fall Protection Competent Person.

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Helps the learner to develop skills in designing work stations, developing better work methods, establishing work standards, balancing assembly lines, and estimating labor costs. The time study techniques the learner will use include predetermined time standard systems, stopwatch, and work sampling.

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