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A continuation of the Introduction to Inventor course. Surface modeling, sheet metal, creating part libraries, weldments and managing large assemblies are the major topics to be covered. The course assumes at least entry-level familiarity with Autodesk Inventor.

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Introduces methods for creating three-dimensional models using CATIA V5 software. Topics include product structure, sketcher, solid modeling, drafting, assembly, surface modeling and sheet metal design. Basic computer skills are required.

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Provides students with an understanding of common construction methods, hazards, and preventive measures. Will provide a detailed understanding of the OSHA Construction Standards, including Excavations, Fall Protection, Scaffolds, Steel Erection, Demolition, and Cranes and Derricks, as well as common components of successful construction safety programs.

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A study and operation of primarily flux cored arc welding. The student will learn about the different types of electrodes, fluxes and shielding gases used in these processes. Students will be able to weld in all positions, read some basic weld symbols, and have a basic understanding of written welding procedures.

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Provides the learner with the fundamentals of occupational safety, including the business case for safety, common industrial hazards, hazard control, and common OSHA safety standards.

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Demonstrates welding on steel sheet metals and plates. Emphasis is placed on axial spray, pulse spray and short circuit mode of transfer. Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to weld in all positions, read basic weld symbols, and have an understanding of written welding procedures.

3 Campus Locations

Covers the very basics of AutoCAD - introduction to the user interface, basic drawing commands, basic editing commands, and basic viewing commands for making two dimensional (2D) drawings. Layer management, object properties, extracting information from the drawing, plotting and layouts, advanced annotation, creating and modifying blocks are covered. This course will give the student a comfort level for working within the AutoCAD environment and the knowledge needed for more advanced CAD courses offered within the various degree programs.

1 Campus Location

Will introduce the student to the basics of the SolidWorks software. Close attention will be paid to properly navigating the interface. Sketching, dimensional and geometric constraints, part modeling, drawing creation, and assembly modeling will all be examined.

1 Campus Location

Provides the student with an introduction of the federal and state standards that apply to safety and health. The focus will be on how to research and respond to regulatory standards. Using on-line and off-line resources, the student will respond to a series of selected questions about regulatory compliance.

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Provides a survey of multiple robot programs, safety and safety systems, learning maintenance, and program editing. Students will work with robot fixtures using the GMAW process.

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