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Covers consumer and commercial credit management. It focuses on what the seller must know and do when using credit selling to produce maximum sales with minimum losses. Topics include types of credit, investigation and evaluation of risk, sources of information, decision making, and collection policies and practices.

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Approaches planning from the perspective of an individual who applies specific financial concepts and principles to setting financial goals, choosing a career, budgeting and cash flow management. Topics include credit, income taxes, asset protection, investments, retirement and estate planning.

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Covers financial institutions that offer a broad spectrum of products and services to government, businesses and individuals. Examines current financial products and services and gives insight into developing and promoting new products and services to meet customer needs.

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Provides a study of money and its creation, monetary systems, the operation of the Federal Reserve System, commercial banking systems and international monetary problems. It also examines the factors that determine the value of money and the operation of the banking system in relation to price level, employment, savings and investment, and economic activity.

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Provides an overview of the problems of investing; the stock, bond and mutual fund investment vehicles available; and the markets in which investments are traded.

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Examines a balanced view of the United States financial system. Includes an understanding of all financial institutions, financial markets and financial instruments. Introduces the operation, mechanics and structure of the financial system.


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