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Explores the basics of computer operations, including keyboarding, organization of files and folders, working with Internet, basic software, and identification of the hardware pieces that make up a standard computer system.

4 Campus Locations  |  Available Online

Covers configuring, maintaining, upgrading and repairing Intel-based computers and exploring functions and interrelations between components. The course examines system configuration, component care, system improvement, troubleshooting and failure identification.

2 Campus Locations

Pursue this introductory course where students explore information technology-based tasks from a variety of IT roles. Students will be introduced to various technologies used on in industry.

1 Campus Location

Introduces how people, processes, technology, and information affect an IT Service Desk. Students are introduced to industry standard ITIL terminology and practices and develop skills working with customers in a Service Desk setting. Explains basic concepts and implementation of a training plan and how to train end-users.

1 Campus Location

Introduces students to email communication, appointments, and meeting scheduling within Microsoft Outlook. In addition, students will learn and explore various customization options available within Microsoft Outlook.

1 Campus Location  |  Available Online

Presents intermediate features of MS Excel. Learn how to create and modify a PivotTable and PivotChart; manage large workbooks and use advanced sorting and filtering; and create charts, diagrams, and templates.

4 Campus Locations  |  Available Online

Presents basic features of Microsoft Excel. Learn how to create, format, and edit worksheets; create formulas and tables; manage large workbooks; and analyze data with charts and What-If Analysis tools.

5 Campus Locations  |  Available Online

Provides an opportunity to gain technical skills employers are seeking, by using the features in Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Through hands-on course work, students will be able to integrate Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

1 Campus Location  |  Available Online

Presents the basic features of Microsoft PowerPoint. Learn how to create, edit, and format presentations; and enhance a presentation with animation, video, tables, and charts.

4 Campus Locations  |  Available Online

Presents intermediate features of Microsoft Word. Learn how to use styles and create multilevel lists and charts, use advanced table features and editing tools, build documents from reusable content, and revise documents using markup tools.

4 Campus Locations  |  Available Online

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