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Using Bing search for clip art on the Internet, copy and paste an image, save, insert and edit pictures within a document and use a free add-in from the Windows Store for clip art. Use of copyright pictures will be discussed.

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Find out what cloud computing is, how it's used, and what services are available for free. A Google email account and password required.

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Explores technology and develops personal enrichment skills from a variety of workshops.  Workshops include various topics related to computers, social media, handheld devices and on-line applications. See the class notes for specific topics.

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Find out how to email, get directions, get the news, use social networking, make purchases, play games, and communicate with family and friends as you engage using technology.

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Edit photos, make a movie from photos, backup photos on your phone, organize photos and learn how to make sure your storage amount is free.

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See how web-connected physical items send and receive data. Topics covered pertain to smartphones, tablets, televisions, activity trackers and lighting systems.

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Learn how to create, modify, print, view, and distribute PDF documents. Learn how to protect sensitive documents; send and track a PDF document; convert a Web page to PDF format; add bookmarks/links to online PDF documents; fill out and submit electronic PDF forms; and more.

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Presents the intermediate features of Microsoft Access with Office 365. Learners design the structure of tables; build relationships; create advanced queries, forms and reports; and use Access tools and manage objects. Learners automate, customize, secure and integrate Access data.

6 Campus Locations

Presents the basic features of Microsoft Access with Office 365. Learners enter and edit data in tables, create and apply queries, produce reports and forms, import and export data, and integrate Access data with other programs.

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Introduces the basic features of spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel software. Students will learn how to develop worksheets, use basic formulas and functions, and create charts.

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