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Learn the basics of decorative container gardening including the use of whimsical and creative up-cycled containers, plant selections and pairings, care and maintenance. Students will learn about container selection and preparation soil/medium choice, plant varieties, fertilizing, and care. Students will create and assemble seasonal container displays for fall and winter to take home.

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Explores various hydroponic systems, their specific plant material, and growing conditions. Students will work hands-on with several units and plant materials.

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Provides an overview of the horticulture profession, including its role and importance throughout history. Current trends and career opportunities will be covered. Particular attention is given to horticulture crops, plant classification, their use, and the interrelationships between the environment, plant growth and plant development.

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Focuses on the landscape design process through the understanding of concepts such as outdoor room, design principles, site function and form composition. The course also includes drafting, site analysis and graphics.

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The study and installation of organic inputs for healthy landscapes. Students will brew compost tea, make compost and operate lawn care equipment. Topics explored will include alternative lawn and land care practices, practical business applications and environmental implications of current practices.

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Addresses production and propagation techniques for growing plants. Students will explore using a variety of equipment and methods.

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Combines three NWCG classes. S-133 is a fire safety course. S-131 is Firefighter Type 1 training. Sometimes called Squad Boss, these are the entry-level supervisors in wildland firefighting. S-211 consists of three skill areas including supply, delivery and application of water.

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Prepares new firefighters in basic firefighting skills and behavior factors that will aid them in the safe and effective control of wildland fires.

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