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Learn the basics of decorative container gardening including the use of whimsical and creative up-cycled containers, plant selections and pairings, care and maintenance. Students will learn about container selection and preparation soil/medium choice, plant varieties, fertilizing, and care.

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Examines the relationships and interrelationships of living organisms in their environment. Students study natural selection and speciation, environmental conditions, populations and competition, succession, energy flow and biogeochemical cycles, and the diversity of ecosystems.

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Examines the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of surface and groundwater. Water quality standards and regulations are discussed. Surveys of the various forms and sources of water pollutants are conducted, and water quality assessments, using biological indicators and chemical tests, are covered. The course includes a brief overview of the treatment process.

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Teaches students how to operate a variety of landscape equipment. Hands-on training will require the students to acquire an understanding of the safe operation of equipment. Focus will be on pre-operation, operation, and post-operation procedures and skills.

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Studies the maintenance and care of woody plants, including evergreens, vines, garden flowers, bulbs and nursery stock. Discusses pruning, training, fertilizing, watering, planting, physical and chemical control of plant growth, transplanting, winterizing, weed control and production.

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Introduces the student to the requirements for the 1.5 mile run, 3 mile pack test and step test which are required by wildland fire hiring agencies.

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Covers tree and shrub identification (dendrology), forest mapping, stand inventory, basic forest ecology, silvicultural practices and timber types. This course prepares students to perform more specific job-related tasks in Forestry 2.

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Examines the role of wildland fire and firefighting throughout history to the present.

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Explores the properties of soils and applies them to horticultural uses as a growing medium and as an engineering base for landscaping.

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Provides an overview of the horticulture profession, including its role and importance throughout history. Current trends and career opportunities will be covered. Particular attention is given to horticulture crops, plant classification, their use, and the interrelationships between the environment, plant growth and plant development.

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