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Learn the basics of how to grow a garden. Topics covered include soil conditions and amending; types of containers and water systems and how to build them; gardening with straw bales, raised beds, and bucket tables; and more.

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Learn about and view a variety of perennials. Find out which ones thrive in this area and will look the best and do the best in your yard.

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Learn about a variety of shrubs. Find out which shrubs are the hardiest and best for this area and which will thrive in your yard—sun or shade, big or small.

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Learn about different varieties and sizes of trees. Find out what is out there and what will work in your yard with your soil and environment.

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Learn the basics of decorative container gardening including the use of whimsical and creative up-cycled containers, plant selections and pairings, and care and maintenance. Students will learn about container selection and preparation, soil/medium choice, plant varieties, fertilizing, and care. Students will create and assemble container gardens to take home.

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Provides you with the tools to create a landscape plan that will guide your future activities for an existing landscape or planning for a new home. Topics such as site analysis, plant selection, hardscape design and special features will be covered.

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Learn how to maintain your home’s landscape for all the seasons. Techniques and methods for pruning, planting, weeding and pest management will be discussed. Individuals will also learn the best timing for maintenance practices.

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