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Designed to prepare students to write a state certified master electricians exam. This class describes test-taking procedures and includes sample test writing. It is recommended that the student have completed Course 413-436 Electrical Code Comprehensive or be a state certified electrician.

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Emphasizes the reading and designing of magnetic motor control circuits using ladder diagrams. It includes a study of the different types of controlling devices such as relays, starters, and contactors. Pilot devices (manual and automatic switches) and their symbols are also included. Hands-on experience will be gained by constructing and testing some of the circuits studied and designed. Will also study the National Electrical Code and all the code requirements associated with motors and motor controls, covering conductor sizing, over current protective device sizing, tap rules, and wiring methods related to motor installations. This course will help electricians of all levels install motors and motor control circuits safely and compliant to the National Electrical Code.

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An exam preparation course, based on the 2017 NEC as amended by SPS 316. It prepares the learner to pass the WI Journeyman Electrician exam and provides a thorough examination of the National Electrical Code requirements, as well as WI state building, energy, occupancy, and electrical codes. The course is designed for upper level apprentices and other electrical trades workers preparing to take the WI Journeyman Electrician exam.

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