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Designed for women who want to develop and enhance their firearms handling and shooting skills. Class presentations will cover all firearms competencies in a tactical application ranging from basic to advanced. Class sessions may include live fire, Simunition training, blank rounds as well as video interactive (MILO) scenarios.

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Shows how to construct accent pieces for the home at a fraction of designer prices. Includes instruction on reading a commercial pattern, fabric selection, tools, finishing, and closure techniques for a variety of pillow styles, table top fashions, duvet covers, pillow shams, bed skirts, and bath accessories.

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Reviews the practices needed to conduct an effective and thorough accident investigation and prepare a comprehensive accident report. The student will learn to interview witnesses, prepare a site drawing, and gather appropriate visual evidence. In a simulated scenario, the student will prepare a comprehensive report on the incident.

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Introduces basic concepts and general principles of accounting to non-accounting students. Topics include financial statements, merchandising accounting for cash, inventory, payroll, budgeting and accounting software.

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Prepares participants to receive a certificate in childcare administration from FVTC and a credential as a childcare administrator from the Registry. This course includes an overview of the roles and responsibilities of directors, coordinators, supervisors and other administrators in early childhood programs. Must be a lead teacher or program director.

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Focuses on the development of fundamental office skills. Students will gain skill in general office duties, application of office technologies, and professional communication.

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Designed to assist older drivers manage their ability to drive, this course will discuss some of the changes aging creates, and the adjustments needed to continue to drive safely. This course consists of both classroom and time on a track with a driving instructor.

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Designed to prepare students to write a state certified master electricians exam. This class describes test-taking procedures and includes sample test writing. It is recommended that the student have completed Course 413-436 Electrical Code Comprehensive or be a state certified electrician.

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Expands on the concepts of the Database Fundamentals course. Reviews design techniques and normalization concepts related to creating a database. Introduces the concepts of security planning, performance tuning, analysis, and deployment and maintenance duties.

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Tactical shooting skills and safety course designed around the M4 Carbine. This 4 hour course is for CCW permit holders and is instructed by Law Enforcement Academy Instructors. Course will cover malfunction drills, movement and use of cover, multiple target drills, varied distance shooting and moving target engagements.

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