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Focuses on beef production systems. Students will evaluate the foundational principles of modern beef production including beef cattle breeds, breeding beef cattle, nutrition, herd health and commercial herd and feedlot management. Connection between different production systems and markets will help users gain basic knowledge of production economics.

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Focuses on management skills and concepts that first-year students need to continue farming in today's changing technology. Emphasis is given in establishing and recording farm business records and family goals. Students will organize and maintain farm business records and analyze them to make sound farm management decisions. Entire farming operation is assessed and plans are developed for future needs and goals. Classes are held throughout the year and include classroom and on-farm instruction.

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Focuses on agriculture as a high-tech business. This course attempts to identify and meet farmers' management needs.

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Shows the student how to operate a tractor over 20 PTO horsepower, including how to connect and disconnect equipment or equipment parts. Topics include specialized machinery for livestock, toxic environments, agricultural chemicals, blasting, fertilizer and the youth certificate program.

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Using technology to keep accurate records is vital for the farm of the future. This course will build upon the technologies discussed in the Precision Farming Systems course. Topics include the collection, cleanup, and analysis of Precision Agriculture data. Data management and privacy will also be covered.

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This course will build upon the technologies discussed in the Precision Farming Systems course. Topics include variable rate control of seed, chemical and fertilizer; advanced planter monitors; automatic section control; and remote crop health sensing technologies. The economics of adopting these technologies will also be discussed.

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Provides the students with an introduction to common Precision Agriculture technologies used in crop production today. Topics include satellite technology, hardware, data collection, guidance methods and yield monitors. The challenges and benefits of adopting Precision Agriculture technologies on the farm will also be discussed.

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