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Prepares students to recognize and implement basic crop production management techniques for corn, soybeans, alfalfa, small grains and general forages used on Wisconsin farms. Field preparation, fertility, seed selection, planting and in-season management of specific crops will be emphasized.

1 Campus Location  |  Available Online

Assists students with career planning and business skills related to obtaining employment. An independent work experience is planned with each student in cooperation with an employer and FVTC staff.

1 Campus Location  |  Available Online

Provides students with an overview of various types of agronomy-related equipment including chemical and fertilizer applicators, planters and grain drills. Equipment operation, maintenance, calibration and safety will be emphasized. Both large and small equipment will be operated during the class.

1 Campus Location  |  Available Online

Focuses on crop production, management and economics. Specific topics relate to variety, selection, planning, pest control, harvesting, storage, safety and marketing. The farm cropping program is an integral part of the total farm business management plan. Classes are held throughout the year and include classroom and on-farm instruction.

1 Campus Location

Focuses on management skills and concepts that first-year students need to continue farming in today's changing technology. Emphasis is given in establishing and recording farm business records and family goals. Students will organize and maintain farm business records and analyze them to make sound farm management decisions. Entire farming operation is assessed and plans are developed for future needs and goals. Classes are held throughout the year and include classroom and on-farm instruction.

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Addresses general farm and animal safety guidelines, worker health, human resource management and OSHA regulations. Topics include creating an emergency response farm plan, hazards, personal protective equipment, accident prevention and protection, employee training programs, and livestock quality assurance.

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Acquaints students with the general use, safety, laws and regulations for chemical application in Wisconsin. Completion of the Wisconsin Commercial Applicators Certification is an optional portion of the course. Identification of the major weeds found in Wisconsin crop lands is emphasized.

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Provides an overview of, and exploration into career pathways and employment opportunities, in the agricultural industry. Key issues discussed include trends and economic concepts of production, marketing and consumption of agriculture products, principles of management, and financial management.

1 Campus Location  |  Available Online

Provides fundamental knowledge of soils and growth media. Course topics include soil formation and development, soil components, soil profile, soil classification and soil conservation. Students will experience soils concepts through the completion of hands-on activities.

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Prepare and implement a land use plan, conduct soil testing procedures and interpret reports. This session also emphasizes the analysis of the farm business and planning of cropping strategies. Classes are held throughout the year and include classroom and on-farm instruction.

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