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Addresses techniques and concepts necessary for creating and implementing ag marketing on an operation. Topics include marketing strategies, ag commodity marketing, direct marketing, risk management and regulatory policies.

2 Campus Locations

Provides fundamental knowledge of the animal science field. Topics include animal health, animal environments, anatomy and physiology, genetics and reproduction, animal feedstuffs, and job-related safety. Students will experience animal concepts through the completion of hands-on activities.

1 Campus Location

Covers the herd health and reproductive systems of the dairy and livestock animals. The class will cover various herd health problems, including mastitis, milk fever and similar common livestock health problems. A herd health and reproductive management program will be developed.

1 Campus Location

Focuses on management skills and concepts that first-year students need to continue farming in today's changing technology. Emphasis is given in establishing and recording farm business records and family goals. Students will organize and maintain farm business records and analyze them to make sound farm management decisions. Entire farming operation is assessed and plans are developed for future needs and goals. Classes are held throughout the year and include classroom and on-farm instruction.

2 Campus Locations

Focuses on agriculture as a high-tech business. This course attempts to identify and meet farmers' management needs.

1 Campus Location

Covers the practical use of a farm record system in managing the farm and financial analysis. Topics include the establishment of farm business goals, selection and use of farm credit, farm business arrangements, farm estate planning, and farm income taxes. Use of computers and/or computer records and financial analysis of farm business and finance strategy to meet the students' needs. Production and financial decisions will be based on students' farm business analysis. Classes are held throughout the year, and include classroom and on-farm instruction.

2 Campus Locations

Focuses on different methods and options for transferring a farm or setting up a new farm business enterprise. Topics include family communications, business entities, business principles, business planning, retirement planning, transfer planning and expansions.

2 Campus Locations

Acquaints students with the general use, safety, laws and regulations for chemical application in Wisconsin. Completion of the Wisconsin Commercial Applicators Certification is an optional portion of the course. Identification of the major weeds found in Wisconsin crop lands is emphasized.

1 Campus Location

Provides an overview of precision farming concepts and the tools of precision farming (GPS, GIS and VRT). Covers the introductory use of each of these tools in the processes of a precision farming system. Hands-on activities with real farm data will provide an initial experience in the use of these tools. Economic and environmental benefits will also be discussed.

1 Campus Location

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