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This is a Wisconsin Department of Justice sanctioned course designed to give you all the pertinent facts and information on carrying a concealed weapon in the state of Wisconsin. This course will cover all legal aspects in the use of deadly force, as well as weapons safety, handling and storage. Upon completion of this training, you will receive a proof of training certificate that will assist you in applying for a concealed carry permit in Wisconsin. There will be no live fire in this class.

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Shooting skills and safety course designed to promote marksmanship and safe weapon handling. Course is for CCW permit holders serious about taking their current skills to the next level. Instructed by Law Enforcement Academy instructors, course will enhance your knowledge of a deadly force incident. Tactical live fire component.

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Tactical shooting skills course will include a review of the deadly force rules currently in place as well as classroom discussions of recent, relevant and realistic case studies of use of force events. The range portion of this class will introduce participants to malfunction clearing, movement skills, and proper use of cover and concealment while firing their semi auto pistol.

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Tactical shooting skills course, Civilian Tactical 3, will include simulated deadly force encounters using a state of the art video simulator, “MILO” as well as actual force on force live training. Participant will also be introduced to drawing and firing a weapon from a seated position, as well as defending yourself in and around your vehicle. This course will also include a live fire component using skills learned in Civilian Tactical 1 and 2. Instructed by Law Enforcement Academy instructors, course will enhance your knowledge of a deadly force incident. Tactical live fire component. All participants must bring proof of a valid CCW permit or HR218 credentials from Wisconsin or a reciprocal state. Only calibers allowed are (9mm / .40 / .45 / 357 sig) with a minimum barrel length of 3.5 inches for a semi auto pistol. Prerequisite: Civilian Tactical 1 (formerly Civilian Tactical Academy Phase 1) (60-504-608).

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This class is designed to test students by having them complete a live fire qualification course, a testing scenario and a short written exam covering the basics learned in the previous Civilian Tactical Academy classes.

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